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About Us


At brikstones, we are following the traditional method for cutting & structuring artificial stones, but using modern mechanism. With the evolution of time, we are doing imitations of ancient realistic modern stones in our factory.

Our stones are more uniform than natural stone and it is widely used in engineering projects, it has the advantage that transports the bulk materials and casting them near the place of use is cheaper than transporting very large pieces of stone.

We became very innovative by using these stones as decorative, we place them on walls, chimneys, on pillars, We sometimes mix colors of sizes giving a great ambience to our room atmosphere.

What We Do

Brikstones manufactured stone is produced by replicating natural stone. These products are formed by a special mix of mainly cement, pumice and sand. During the manufacturing process, we select the natural stones that are carrying the most exceptional texture/shape and use these stones for making our molds, with a unique technique that reflects the finest details of their texture you will feel the real stone’s surface. Due to the improvisational methods used in our production technology each piece of stone looks different than the others in terms of geometrical shaping and color shading. This allows for walls covered with Brikstones to have a unique look.